Sometimes you just need a good ole’ fashioned 5-minuter

Ex 166: Write an opening using a sofa

He threw a sofa at me. God, I do not get paid enough for this, I thought. I shot back at him with my laser gun. He grumbled and stumbled, but didn’t fall. I keep telling my commaders laser guns are useless on rabid cave trolls. Their skin is just too thick and they’re too stupid to know that they should be in pain.

The troll stumbled into the kitchen. This time, its weapon of choice was a stove. Even after we wiped the home owner’s memory, how were we going to fix the damage done to the poor man apartment? And not to mention that neighbors…and the police report.

Ducking and dodging appliance after appliance, I finally managed to get close enough to shoot the troll’s knee at point-blank range.


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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