Pulling all projects together

This month has been full of surprises and well, lots more…surprises…  my computer caught a nasty virus a couple weeks ago. it’s fixed now, i just gotta go get it from the shop. but because of this setback, there will not be a may issue of Blue Ships Mag. (i know. it hurts me too). However, this does not mean that I will not be publishing work throughout the rest of the year. so, please, don’t hesitate to send those submissions.

currently, i’m editing book 2 of The Demon Cleaner series and am trying to get ideas from book 3 that were written on paper cemented digitally. so far that’s going really well. I’m thinking book two should be finished around the end of may and book three around the end of July (so about comic-con time). but will keep you posted.

I haven’t posted any 5-minute exercises in a while, so i will be getting back to my roots on that front. I have a whole collection that i just haven’t posted yet.

Also, i would like to get into full swing with the GYE/AFS project. If you’re an artists, or school, and would like to participate in any of the AFS fundraisers, hit me up. I’m currently scouting for schools to work with and programs to give people scholarships to. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.


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