Crazy Days and New Boys

Alright, I didn’t do the five-minute flash last week.  I didn’t do it this week.  I failed two weeks in a row.  I admit it.  (Especially, since I can’t lie, what with this being the internet and all).  I’ve been working on my Artists for Schools event, my Blue Ships magazine, and widdling a to-do list about a mile long.  It happens.  It sucks.  But it happens.  At any rate, I thought hey, I’ve actually kinda started working on another set of characters, The Grimm Brothers.  So if anywhere is a good place to debut them to the public, it may very well be here.  So here is an excerpt from the as yet titled story, The Brothers Grimm.  Enjoy.

The Brothers Grimm

Try as he might, Stephen could not get the scent of girl off of him.  If he stayed in the shower any longer, his soft washcloth was going to start feeling like a brillo pad against his shriveled skin.  The memory of the girl’s crazy pink hair that looked like it was fading and the feel of her on top of him was enough to make him choke back bile.  God, if he lived to be a hundred, he would never tell his wife about what happened an hour ago in this cheap motel room.  He already felt enough like a prostitute; the last thing he needed was for the love of his life to leave him.  Especially at a time like this.
            He climbed out of the shower and looked at himself in the mirror as he dried off.  The girl had been a sad reminder of why he hated his face, hated his long eyelashes and chestnut skin.  Everyone everywhere wanted their turn in his bed; it made him feel dirty and self-conscious.  However, the girl had turned out to be useful.  Or at least he hoped.  He wouldn’t know until he followed the leads, which he couldn’t do until tomorrow.  God, he hated waiting, hated that he needed sleep.  Yet, even as his body begged and ached for the relief that came from a good night’s rest, he still couldn’t sleep.
            Images of what might be happening to his sister, the torture she must be going through as he lie in his cozy bed, flashed in his mind every time he closed his eyes.  His heart beat rapidly as worry and guilt suffocated him.
            Alaine.  His baby sister, his only sister, taken.  Her six older brothers, powerless to protect her.  And he was the oldest.  What was he good for?  Sure, he had taught her how to fight and protect herself, and from the looks of her apartment, it was training time well spent, but it just wasn’t enough to save her.
            He never should have helped her move to New York.  He knew it was a bad idea.  But she was a big girl, or at least trying to be.  And big girls went off to college.  It was a normal every day thing.  It’s just what happens.
            Besides, it wasn’t as if he had left her completely without ends.  He’d helped her find an apartment so that he could make sure she was living someplace nice, safe.  He wanted to get a nice one-bedroom in a gated community, but those things run upwards of $2,000 per month.  She’d be damned if she was going to let him spend that much money on an apartment she was fairly certain she would never see again once she graduated.
            Alaine loved her brother dearly and being CEO of a major bank granted him the luxury of being able to afford a place like that and still take care of his family.  However, he worked hard for many, many years to get to where he was in life.  All she wanted was the same opportunity.  To go out and make something of herself.
            The compromise on the apartment was the cheapest studio the complex had, which was still around $1,200, and she paid her own bills.  He could live with that.  Hated it.  But he knew fighting with her was pointless.  She was as stubborn as any of her brothers and twice as irritating.  At least his brothers he could knock around.  What was he going to do with her?
            What was he going to do without her? 

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