Nano Day 13: Part One

With one hand, valpatine reached up and pulled what looked like a handle down from the ceiling.  Val then pushed up and put his eyes to something.  “Hm,” he said.  “You are not gonna believe this shit, mate.”
He then pushes a button and you hear a noise like metal adjusting.  Val reaches for a latch and he pulls an over head door open.  As val does all of this with one hand while keeping himself hanging on that rope with the other, you come to a realization, val is one strong mo fo.  You make a mental note to never get into a fist fight with his ass.
Val climbs the rope some more and then sticks his head out of the hole.  “Ohhh, damn.  You need to see this shit,” Val says from a good 50 feet above you.  Val climbs back down the rope and lands in front of you.  “Go.  Hurry.”
You look at Val, then up at that rope.  It was high.  It was hella high.  And you were only going to make that with a running leap.  Not a little hop like your green giant of a friend here.  Damn it all straight into the belly of hell.  You take a few steps back, run, and jump.
The good news is, you grab the rope.  The bad news is, you also swing into that brick wall.  Val laughs at you as you grunt and groan.  But you don’t lose hold of the rope; you gotta love yourself for that.  Using only your arms at first you climb the rope as fast as you can.  You are surprised by how easy the climb is for you.  Yeah, you ain’t gonna lie.  It hurts like a bitch, but you move like it’s completely familiar to you.  You feel like you’ve done this a million and yet you can’t remember a single time beyond high school that you’ve ever climbed or had a reason to climb a rope.
Upon climbing what felt Everest made from dry grass, you stick your head up out of the hole.  The sight is astounding.  You can’t believe it and you’re seeing it. 
Turns out val was right.  They were after you.  Heavy.  And you know this from the abundance of dead bodies around val’s flaming house and buried underneath the debris.  There are black cars and vans that look like they were attacked by car bombs.  The whole area around val’s house looks like it was hit with blast of world war.
Damn it.  You know what this means.  Val was right.  Had you two waited any longer you would be…well, hell, you didn’t know where you would be, but you knew…actually, had you waited and gotten captured, you may have found out what happened to your wife.
Wait a minute, that blast beneath the tunnel must have more damage than you realized if you really believe that these people who can make you, your wife, bank teller, and a murder completely disappear in one are going to do anything to help you.  No, if you are going to get answers from anyone, it will not be them.  You think about jumping out of this whole, running to the scene, and looking for any survivors so that you can get some kind of information.  But then you remember the episode with your cousin biting into a pill that he knew would kill him.  Anyone, whom you found alive, would die before he told you anything, including his name and the name of the organization you all seem to work for.  All it would take for you get caught would be to start doing things without thinking. 

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