My New Book and NaNo Day 12

Alas!!! My first novel, The Demon Cleaner: Demons of the Guilded, is finally available.  There was a misunderstanding between myself, CreateSpace, and possibly myself so the title looks…um… backwards.  But no matter.  I’m sure it still reads the same.  If you would like a copy, you may go HERE or to the sidebar on your right.  Reviews are appreciated.

NaNo Day 12:
You place your fingers to the side of the man’s neck.  He has a pulse, but it is so faint, you do not really feel it is necessary to worry about.  However, you have a zero tolerance for error policy.  You slit the guy’s throat, then wipe his blood off on his shirt. 
Time is-a wasting.  You haul yourself down the hallway with that effing golden color and stop at a room.  You pull a key card from your pocket and walk in, making sure that no one sees you.  So far, so good.  You have to get to the bathroom.  You rush in, sit your black bag on the floor, and proceed to put your rifle together. 
Once the gun puzzle has been masterfully solved, you get to the next part of the plan.  You pull a heat identifier out of your bag.  You turn it on and can see that there is no one in the bathroom below you.  Not a problem.  You move to one of the other rooms, carrying your rifle and your heat sensor.  There, in the living, are six adult male heat patterns, your target and your target’s bodyguards.  You can’t tell which one is which.  Ah, well.  No choice but to take them all out. 
You hold up the rifle and choose which target would be best to go after first, knowing that as soon as you take the first shot, the guards are going to be on even higher alert than the stiffs already are.  You decide to take out the guy in the center.  Most likely, he’s your actual target.  The other oafs are just standing around him as if they can protect him from danger at all sides.  Too bad no one is looking up.
You hold the rifle and make sure you have a good aim.  Then you pull the trigger.  The long bullet goes through the floor, through the piping and then through the ceiling.  Once it pierces your target’s scalp and skull, it keeps going, puncturing other organs as it makes its decent to come out of his center and get stuck in the floor between his feet. 
It took a few seconds for the bodyguards to react.  Meanwhile, in the seconds it took them to realize that they were being attacked, you had already taken out three more bodyguards…no four more…nope.  All dead.  In seconds.  That’s why you get paid the big bucks.  Taking no time to pat yourself on the back, this was after all just a job, you took apart your gun and packed up your toys in your black bag.
You strapped your bag to your back and then climbed out of a window.  You dropped to the balcony two stories beneath you.  You kneeled down, unzipped your bag, and pulled out a crane.  You sat the crane down beside the bag, while you zipped the bag back up, and restrapped it to your back.  You picked up the crane and once you felt that you were ready, you climbed on top of the balcony railing and jumped. 
You pushed yourself off of the balcony as hard as you could.  You held your arms out to your sides and kept your legs shut.  You counted down. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.  Then you shot your crane to the neighboring building, the one where you were when this whole thing started. 
The crane shot out of your instrument like a torpedo.  It got stuck into the building’s cement.  You held fast as the string caught with such force that, had you not been the pro that you are, the instrument would have been yanked from your grasp and you would have spiraled to your doom.  However, once the string caught, the crane pulled you towards it at the same time that you were swinging towards the building.  To the casual observer, you looked like you were going to smack right into the side of the building and break something that you were really going to regret breaking, but you knew your timing.  You were confident, more confident than you remember being in your whole life.  This would work.  Just a little more and you would…
“Hey, man,” Valpatine yells at you, completely breaking your little moment and reminding you that you are in a dark deep tunnel, running for your life, and not some super assassin, killing people through floorboards and jumping off of rooftops.
“Yeah.  I’m fine.”  Suddenly, lights switch on.  Even though they are dim lights, they still hurt your eyes after having been consumed so completely by darkness.  You cover your eyes and rub them, trying to bring them comfort.
“I do not know where you head was just now, but we need to get moving.  Like yesterday.”  He holds the detonator up, hoping to remind you of how close you are to danger.
You nod your head and follow him as he runs off.   He stops at another brick wall.  This time the wall swings open from the ceiling and moves away from you.  Valpatine rushes through.  You follow him through with the same urgency.  As you run down this tunnel, following only your trust in your friend, there is a loud Boom.  Valpatine has detonated the bombs. 
The blast knocks you off of your feet.  You fly a few before falling to the ground and skidding into a wall head first.  Valpatine, who appears to be unaffect, probably because he saw the blast coming, runs to you to help you up.
“Damn it, val,” you growl at him.  “You could have warned me before you did that.”
He says nothing.  Once you’re back on your feet and he’s sure that you’re okay, he runs off again, saying nothing to you. 
Damn the bastard is fast.  It is all you can do just to maintain a visual on him.  It is a good thing that you weren’t so lame as to trip and fall in the middle of a sprint for life or you would be left behind to explode alone.
You and Valpatine finally stop running and hit another wall.  This time, instead of the wall opening, Valpatine looks up.  He looks to be searching for something.  It takes a few seconds, but Valpatine finds what he’s looking for.  He reaches up and grabs a rope.  He yanks on it a couple of times, probably to make sure it’s stable, then he jumps up, grabs the rope, and climbs up like he had done it a million times before, which knowing val, he probably has.  “Just for practice because you never know,” Val was always fond of saying.

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