Oh, Consistency, why did you leave me?

I don’t know what the hell happened to my agenda of posting the rest of my NaNo story in the span of last week.  I got a head injury or something and forgot.  (In theory that is.)  I know what happened to my 5-min yesterday though.  My birthday was Friday (happy 29th to meeee!!!) in in the midst of partying, dancing, and hanging out til all hours of the night and morning, I forgot a very important fact.  I’m not as young as I used to be.  I’m still trying to recover and I hadn’t even drank anything.

Welp, anyway, that’s the latest update.  Aaaand here’s the latest installment of this year’s NaNo.

NaNo Day 11part 2:
“Um, we gotta go, slick.  Permanently.  I do not know why they haven’t come here yet to find you, but I sure as hell am not waiting around to ask them. “
Finally, getting yourself together enough to function, you ask valpatine, “Where do you keep the bags.”
He shakes his head.  “This is it, man.  There are no bags.  Just one bag.  I put everything I need in it.  And roll out.”
That makes sense.  But you remember that you have another bag that can be used for something besides money.  “Look, Val, I got a bag, too,” you grab the bag off of the floor and unzip it, revealing the money.  “I mean, we can put something in it.”
Valpatine looks in the bag.  “Daaaaaamn, man.  Who did you rob?”
“Ha haaa.  No one.  It is my money.  I withdrew it from the bank earlier today.”
“Really?  And they didn’t think that was weird?”
You think about it.  “Actually, no.”
Valpatine shakes his head at you.  “And you didn’t think that that was weird?”
You think some more.  “Um, no.”
Valpatine shakes his head at you.  “Wow.  You are slow.”
“Look, val, I was a little concerned about my wife being missing and my cousin killing himself.  I didn’t really have time to ponder the mysteries of the banking system.”
“Yeah, right.”  He moves to a wardrobe that he has along one of the far walls.  He opens it after entering a combination.  Inside there is a ton of explosives.  Plastique.  “”Boy, what the hell are you doing?” you ask him.
He gives you a duh stare.  “I’m blowing the place up, obviously.  Geez, maybe I had the voltage too high when I hit you.  If they did have a tracker on you, and they are waiting to ambush us, I do not want them having any more idea than they already do of what all goes on down here.”
“Aaaan if they didn’t, then you are blowing up your place for no reason.”
“Oh, I got a reason,” he says as he sets up charges on the weaker parts of the wall and beams.  “You ever hear of safe versus sorry?  That’s reason enough for me.”
You shrug and help him by setting up bombs directly on the computer tables, making sure that when the bombs detonate, that the hard drives are more fried than chicken at Popeye’s.
“Alright, man,” valpatine says as he moves past you to another wardrobe.  This one is full of firearms.  Valpatine gives you a few handhelds and some clips.  “Put these in your bag.”
“Damn man.  Are you planning for a revolution or what?”
“Hey, being prepared never hurt anyone.”  He puts his bag on his shoulders and grabs a detonator.  “You ready?”
“Yep.”  You start walking for the door that leads upstairs.
“Um, where you going, champ?”
“I’m getting the hell out of here before you get turn into ground beef…obviously.”
He lets out a noise that sounds like a tire going flat before he shakes his head and walks off to one of the far walls.  “Man, Jacob, please act like you’ve done this before.”
You give him a blank stare.  “I can’t because I haven’t.”
He lets out another flat tire.  “Come on, noobie.”
Exasperated and pretty much over this whole day, you follow Valpatine to a brick wall.  “Please, tell me that this is not the end of your plan.”
He gives you look that says he is not the new one here.  He then kicks the wall lightly in what appears to be random places near the floor.  Then he taps the wall with his fist in another random order.  You hear a rumbling noise that sounds like you are about to be caught in an earthquake.  You are a little nervous, but Valpatine doesn’t seem fazed at all.  In a few seconds, the wall moves to the side revealing a tunnel that you had no idea was there.  And you thought he’d told you everything.  Wait.  No.  No, you didn’t.
Asking no questions, you adjust the bag on your arm and walk into the tunnel.  After Valpatine enters behind you, you hear the door slide shut. 
It is completely dark in the tunnel.  You can’t even see your hand in front of your face.  in the darkness you begin to see things as if you are dreaming.  You see yourself standing on a rooftop.  You are covered in black clothing.  Actually, you look just like your cousin when you found him on the floor of your living room.
You have a rifle in your hands.  Cool wind is wrapping itself around you.  You walk to the edge of the roof and look over.  You are 50 stories in the air and you are looking down as if you’re planning to jump over the edge.  But you do not feel suicidal.  You actually feel strong, confident, as if you are on a mission.  You feel like a character in a movie or some comic book superhero.  You see your own face.  You look stern.  You realize that you aren’t just looking down, you are looking at a window in the next building.  But all you can see is the light coming from the window.  You are too high up to actually see inside. 
Seeming to have come to some sort of understanding, you back away from the edge.  You stop at the other side of the roof and strap the rifle to your back.  Oh, no.  You suddenly do not like the way that this is going because it looks like you are about to…yep.  You start running and before you know what you’re doing, you have sprinted off of the roof. 
You curl yourself into a ball to make sure you have good trajectory.  You are headed for the wall of the much taller building.  Before you make contact, you pull something from the sides of your clothes.  Right when you hit the cement, you stab the cement with your instruments and tack yourself to the side.  You release the instruments and fall two stories to the balcony below.  You climb inside the dark room through an already opened window.
You go to a closet and grab a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  You now look like any regular guy in the city instead of like a crazy man who didn’t know Halloween was not for a few more months.
You grab a bag out of the closet and pack it full of things you’re going to need, knives, rope, guns, and your ninja suit, can’t forget that.  You walk out of the room, careful to make sure you’re seen little to no one.  You make your way down the golden hallway, and stop at the elevator.  You reach into your pants’ pocket and pull out a pair of soft black gloves.  It is cold out and you want to make sure you blend in.  You push the button on the elevator.  Going down.  The elevator dings when it is ready for you to climb aboard.  You walk in and hit the button for the 43rd floor. 
Just as the elevator doors are about to close, a hand reaches in and stops the doors from closing shut.  The doors part to reveal a man dressed in a suit.  He smiles at you politely like a courteous stranger would.  You step aside to let him on.  With his back to you, the gentleman presses the button for the 42nd floor. 
“Are you here for the conference,” he asks as he steps away from the button dial and stands parallel with you. 
You look at him.  Who the hell told this joker that you wanted to talk?  “Which one?” you ask sarcastically.
He chuckles as the elevators starts moving.  “Yeah, they do tend to have a lot of them here, do not they?  It is like an over-saturation.  It is almost as if they’re more interested in being an attraction than just a place where people can come to get away.”  He laughs to himself and you return to thinking about the task at hand.  Which at the moment, you are having a very hard time recalling.  What is it that you’re supposed to do?
You feel like you are on auto-pilot.  You know you’re about to do something very important, but you just can’t seem to remember what it is.  You decide not to question it too hard because your head is starting to hurt. 
The 43rd floor greets you with a ding.  The doors open to reveal yet another golden hallway.  What was wrong with the designer of this hotel’s décor?  Did he really think the place looked any richer with his cheap ass carpet all over the walls and floor?  You wonder how much the designer got paid make the hotel look like crap.  Whatever it was, you could have done the same job for half the price.  You smile politely at the gentleman and proceed to exit the elevator. 
He smiles back at you.  “Have a good night and time at the conference,” he says.
You nod to let him know that you heard him, but you do not respond.  You do not know this man and have nothing to say to him.  You hated turning your back to people, especially when there were so close to you and you give you the creepy vibe.  However, you dared anyone to try something, including grinning creepers.  It would be a mistake of epic proportions…on their part. 
You hadn’t gotten two feet away from him when you hear a click.  Instincts taking over, you pull a blade as you turn around to face him.  He pulls a gun and prepared to shoot you in the head.  At the same time you use your knife to parry the barrel of his gun.  You rush him, and try to stab him, but he is prepared for that.  He pulls a blade of his own and parrys you.

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