NaNo Day Nine

After me, you think.  The people who are after me.  “I do not even know who the hell these people are.”
“Yeah, well, unfortunately, we’re no closer now than we were before.”  Valpatine clears the screen then starts inputting other information. 
At this point, your mind is completely overloaded.  You still have the headache that has been pounding you all day.  Now you have to deal with this bs.  Cops after you, banks tellers getting snatched, killed at guy in broad daylight in front of a thousand witnesses.  “Hey, do me a favor,” you say to Valpatine.  “Check the police scanners to see how close they are to finding me.  I just need a status update.”
Valpatine turns around in his chair and gives you a look.  Then he reaches out to the other side of the desk and grabs two radios.  He hands them to you with a look like boy, I’m not your bitch.
Understanding him the way you understand yourself, you give Valpatine a half smile and take the radios. You decide to the take the radios and sit down on the gamer’s chair and listen in for any details, but before you could make the few steps to the chair, Valpatine stops you. 
“Hey, catch.”  He tosses you a cell phone that you nearly drop.  He glares at you like you would owe him a new phone should you happen to break it.  “That’s your new phone.  The number is in your address book under ‘Me’.”
“Anything on the scanner?”
You give him a blank stare.  “I haven’t turned it on yet?”
“Well, what’s taking you so long, champ?  We need to be on the inside, getting information?”
“Thank you, captain obvious.”  You walk away and decide to sit in one of the other swivel chairs instead of the gamer’s chair.  You sit for a moment, sifting through channels.  You hear nothing.  Not a single word of your name.   How odd.   That’s odd.  There’s not even mention of the guy who you killed earlier today.  It is like everything just disappeared.  As if the incidents didn’t happen. 
You take a deep weary sigh.  Something is just not right about this whole thing. 

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