Nano and Five-Min update

First, the NaNo update.  I failed.  I feel only slightly bad about this and only because I failed, not really because I didn’t complete the word count.  I had a feeling from the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to complete this year’s NaNo because of what’s going on with AFS fundraiser I’m working on.  I just don’t like to fail for any reason.  However, I do have the rest of the work that I did up to day 12.  It’s less than 20,000 words.  I just couldn’t sit down to get to 20,000.  But I like the story (or at least the concept) enough that I may work on it some more at a later time.

Five-Minute projects; these will resume next week.  I don’t have much more to add from the NaNo (I think), ergo, I will be posting what’s left of that story this week.  And should I find that I have more than a week’s worth of writing down, I will just continue to post next Tuesday.  So it’ll all work out.


2 thoughts on “Nano and Five-Min update

  1. LISA!!!! You have the honor of being the first person to EVER comment on my blog!! I would love to say you've won something, but you know me too well to believe that ish. Glad you're going to attend the art show. Can't wait to see you.

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