What happened to NaNo day Six?

Well, i’ll tell you what happened. I got caught up in the task of reorganizing my room (because it is still a complete mess after moving) and it took far longer than i thought it would. by the time i finally got around to working on my daily NaNo, it was like 9pm cst and i was wiped out. i managed to type 477 words before my eyes starting burning, forcing me to concede defeat.

Honestly, i did feel a little bad. but i slept so good that it complete wiped away whatever guilt i may have been feeling post knock-out time.

but, so, since i went to sleep early, i woke up early (like 1ish). while i’m sure this had something to do with the time change (daylight savings time anyone?) that still puts me awake since like 2. either way, i am awake. i did take a moment to lay down and dream up storylines for my novel, The Demon Cleaner, but after a while i realized that i was not going to get any sleep anytime soon.

knowing that i have a busy day ahead for this great sunday day of mine (I have to perm my hair; i have a meeting to go to for NaNoWriMo; i have to retype my syllabus for my students and decide what i’m teaching them about poetry tomorrow) i decided to go ahead a be productive and catch up on my word count for yesterday. I feel like that was a smart move on my part.

I also think that, while i’m up, i may as well work on my word count for today also to that i don’t have to worry about that later. I am going to post what i did for yesterday’s count and today’s but i’m going to do them in separate posts so that they’re not completely overwhelming.

to all of my readers, thank you for reading and leave a comment to say hello. i would love to hear from you. Cheers.


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