Migraine Monday

Five-Minute Monday turned into Migraine Monday. Ergo, I could not possibly type my short yesterday. But I’m feeling better today, so today here it is. Enjoy.

Ex 500. Write a story using future tense.

Tomorrow, you will wake up in pain as you have the last seven months. And you’ll ignore it, as always. After rushing through your morning ritual of hygiene, you’ll go and have a 20 minute breakfast at the bistro. From there you’ll meet James at a bench across the street. He’ll ask for a lighter. You’ll bargain for the newspaper he’ll be holding. He’ll slip the chrome lighter into his pocket along with the chip and money you’ll have hidden inside of it.

The two of you will talk for a minute and 39 seconds before taking your leave. You’ll go off to finally find the truth of what happened to your family. And when you find that truth, when you find the answers you’ve been battling to find these past seven months, they will bring you no comfort.


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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