Here. Take this.

Ex 134. Write an opening using: “Here. Take this.”

“Here. Take these,” Judith said, handing her twin sister, Judian, a pair of fins.

Bewildered, Judian asked, “What am I supposed to do with these?”

“Um, use them. They’ll help you swim.”

“I can’t swim, Jude. These aren’t going to help me.”

“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Judith spat impatiently.

“This is like giving a telephone to Helen Keller. It is not going help me.”

“Well, I’m not gonna just leave you here, J.”

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do. This place is flooding. I have maybe 30 minutes. That means you have less than 15 to get to the surface and get help. I suggest you don’t use that time arguing with me.”

Judith turned to their cousin, Marcus. “Will you please talk to her?”

“I’m staying with her,” he said.


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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