Aaaaand we’re back!!!

So, I took a break from posting since it was Ramadan and I decided to give up social media for the month. I maybe could have still posted, but then it came down to the does-this-count-as-social-media-or-not? So I was like, eh, I’ll just cut it all.

Well, now Ramadan’s over. Yippee!!! Skippee!!! And I’m back. So in honor of…my return…or something…I’ll be posting one five-minute story a day all week. Enjoy.

Ex 11. I just need nine more

“I just need nine more,” I said to myself as much as to the people gathered around me. Nerds unite!!! I thought amidst all the chatter.

Nine more dots. You wouldn’t think that would be so many, but after 20 straight rounds of Pac-Man, nine just seemed like eternity.

I tried hard not to get anxious or impatient. Those two demons had been the death of me four games in a row. Now I was queen of cool. Sultana of smooth.

The action was good for the arcade/comic book store that hadn’t had this many people in the store at one time since the ps2 was released. You’re welcome, guys.

It was getting down to the wire. Aliens at every turn and I was out of magic balls. I had eaten four more dots. Five seemed to be a much more doable number.


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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