Air-jacking problem Solved

To prevent anymore in-flight hijackings, the Government has decided it best to arm all the passengers with pistols. Does this help or harm?

In theory it was a brilliant idea. Arm the passengers on a plane with Derringers. No one can take it hostage. However, in practice, theories always have at least one thing you realize waay too late that you really wished you’da thought of above anything else. Like if we’re arming everyone, shouldn’t we remove all the alcohol? or shouldn’t we run at least a fifteen minute training course? Safety on. Safety off. Or shouldn’t we, when handing these out to passengers, make sure there’s no one with a history of mental illness or a rap sheet the size of the Australian Outback? Wouldn’t want anyone to violate parole. And when all was said and done, shouldn’t there have been a back-up plan in case one of the said drunken hoodlum crazies blew a hole in the plane’s body while we’re at 34,000 feet so that, maybe the bullet didn’t penetrate metal and send us all plummeting to our deaths? You know. Little things like that.


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