Two for the price of One

Comic con is over. Time to get back to my real life and make plans for next year’s comic con. In the mean time, in lieu of a flash fic last Monday, I have done two for today. Here they are.

“We don’t take things like this kindly…”

“We don’t take things like this kindly,” Michelle said. Her attitude half-badass half-joker. She had a look that made you wanna sit down and shoot the breeze with her, but you damn sure didn’t wanna be on her bad side. No question why she was Clovis’ right-hand.

Philip was screwed in the worst possible way. He’d gotten caught snooping through his employer’s files.

“Which makes us wonder,” Clovis said, stepping forward. “Actually, it makes us wonder many things. First, if you’re so good, how could we catch you. Second, how many of our enemies has your carelessness led to us?”

“Nothing like civil unrest to get the blood flowing.”

Garvin stood next to Pietro, watching him. Pietro looked very pleased as he stared down at the city from his palace window. Smoke and flames spewed up in pockets around the city.

Pietro had his arms crossed over his chest as he smiled. “Nothing like civil unrest to get the blood flowing, eh Garvin?”

Garvin wasn’t as thrilled. In fact, he was nervous. Terrified even. So far, Pietro’s plan to take complete control of Artemis was working. Separate the people into two group, get those groups to fight each other, then bring them together. Pietro always was the brilliant one. But two things occurred to Garvin. One, the civilians would have their heads when they realized Garvin and Pietro were brothers. Two, Pietro would kill Garvin to keep control of Artemis for himself.


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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