She could see the door in the distance closing slowly

Amen fell out of the night sky in front of Chara like a dark cloud falling to eat her alive. His sword perched on his shoulder, she didn’t have to ask what his intent was. But she didn’t want to fight him. She didn’t have time to fight him. There was a whole world at stake.
Holding her unarmed hands out in front of her she spoke to Amen. “Amen, listen, I know you hate me. And given what you’ve been through, I understand. I really do.” she looked at the door and could see it slowly closing. She was running out of time. Her heart pounding in a rhythm she didn’t even know was possible, she tried to speak again, while remaining calm so as not to wound-up Amen. “We cannot do this now. I have to get through that door and go back to the other side or there will be no one to stop it. You can’t do it. No one can but me. I’m the only one who has only this to live for and only this to lose.”


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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