hahahahaaaa order and organization

So, for a while I didn’t have my 5-Minute Writing Exercise book. (What with all the moving, it’s prob still buried in my trunk…along with other things I’m missing.) And work with the files in my computer just aren’t the same. I can’t flip through pages, I’m stuck having to be at my computer (which is downstairs) so I can’t do it in the comfort of my room (which is upstairs). Well, behold, I finally took some initiative and ordered myself a new book. So, now I can do a little five-minuter where ever and whenever. (Sounds far more exotic than it really is.)

This got me to thinking. Now that I have all the power I will ever need to go on my turning-all-people-to-writers crusade, I have to do something cool with it. My first thought was to do a five-minuter everyday. (HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, that was funny.) We all know the Nadiyah is not that disciplined. Then I got to thinking, maybe I could do one once a month. But that just kinda sucked. I mean, that’s only 12 (twelve) a year. What’s the point?

That’s when it hit me like the bolt of lightening I always prayed for before every speech I had to give in class. I could do one once a week. Well, naturally, this had to have a name. And that name had to be based on the day. My first thought, Saturday Shorts. Then I just didn’t want to because it’s Saturday. And my Saturdays are sketchy. (I could sleep til 1pm because I stay up late Friday. Or I could be productive.) Then I thought I could do something on Thursday.

Then my little inner voice that I habitually ignore said, “How about 5-Minute Monday?” And I said, “oooooh, nice thinking you.”

So, here we are. 5-Minute Monday. Ergo, every Monday, I will post a new 5-Minute short. And we have order and organization. Yippee skippee!!!


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