My first posting

Do I have a reason for not posting anything? Um…I would love to say yes. But in truth i may have been just acting out my duties as head of the procrastinators club. I did have a pause when I moved. But that was at least three months ago. So now I present to you the first posting of a five-minute short.

Write an opening/ending using: “Have you ever seen anything like this before?”

Have you ever seen anything like this before?” Jonas asked.
“Yep. I had a dream once.”
“Damn. Was it a nightmare?”
“How’d it end.”
“I got shot in the head and woke up in a cold sweat.” Amanda said.
“Did you die?” Jonas asked.
“Well, I mean, it was a shot in the head. so…yeah.”
“Hm. Interesting. I always thought if you died in your dream you died in real life.”
“Well, if that were true and I’m still seeing now what I’m seeing, then I died and went straight to hell.”
Jonas and Amanda didn’t know what to do as they stared at the wall. They had been working the case for only a day. They had to say the pictures they received from local authorities did not add up to seeing it in real life.
“So,” Amanda said. “This guys is what 6’6″ at least 200 lbs. How many people do you think it took to get him nailed to the wall like this?”


**Exercise from 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises. Get the whole book here.**


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