Last day of NaNoWriMo and etc.

WHOO HOO!!! Tis finally December. The month of novel writing is officially over. While sad to see it go, it was a journey that I can’t wait to repeat next year. I still haven’t typed up my stories (yeah I did two. That’s right) so I have no idea how i did. but guarantee i’m going to hit 50,000. i didn’t fall alseep with with my pen in my hand and my notebook chillin on my bed for no reason. if i have to add another 10 names to each character and split contractions like there’s no tomorrow, i’m hitting 50,000 words.

And that’s what it’s all about. just getting those words. you become quite crafty as well. i think next year though, i’m going to try to do it in my computer so i don’t have this whole don’t-have-time-to-type-my-progress issue like i did this year.

it has come to my attention that most of the SDWC don’t know who all is in the SDWC even though we’re all part of the google group and most of us know each other. So, here’s the solution for that. Go here You should get a little box on the right hand side of the screen that says San Diego Writer’s Club. Click on that. That should send you to the official SDWC group page. There you should be able to see who is in the group and you can leave messages from that screen also. This is especially useful when you are trying to coordinate a new schedule to have session.

Ummmm, am i forgetting anything? Normally we would be having session tonight (or sunday) but as this is my last day in town, that won’t be possible. So please get together on google group and coordinate a time to continue session. Without me, there are still four-five other members of the SDWC. And of course, bring your friends, spouses, whatever. I will be more active with the forum and the blog. I will also be in progress to start a Kansas City Writer’s Club. So i will keep all updated on that.

Alright, i think that’s it. New lit mag coming out soon called Blue Ships. Check it out, submit work, have your peeps submit work. I’m looking to launch in January. So i will keep you all posted on that as well.

Good day and farewell, my word warriors. we will stay in touch. we are as close to each other as our keyboards. XOXOX


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