November and beyond

So, October turned out to be a bad month for meetings. The club was plagued by family emergencies, mid-terms, and other time-sensitive issues. But we are a strong lot. We are warriors of the word and we will press on.

As you all know, November we will be incomplete NaNoWriMo mode. Many of the members have confirmed that they are willing (whether ready or not) to try this project. It’s going to be fun whether we make it to the 50,000 word count or not.

Of course with November, comes December. This will bring big changes as group leader, Nadiyah, will have moved to Kansas City, Mo and will no longer be able to attend sessions. However, the group will not dissolve because of this. We will have a new leader and, with the support of the rest of the group, increased membership. By the time January rolls around (which I assure you will take another week or so) the group should be able to have regular meetings even if all members cannot attend.

Though no longer in San Diego, Nadiyah will remain a constant with group via our other modes of communication (facebook, google groups, email, forums, etc.) and will hopefully be able to still fulfill her role as encourager to all the writers out there (in SD county) to let loose the muse within onto a piece of paper. (And eventually, lots of pieces of paper.)

As always, any ?’s please email or
Love and carrots


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