From work done on 09-08-2009


Naomini stood at the king’s window looking out into the kingdom. All was dark now. It was late into the night and the world of Lykos had long fallen asleep.

As did her husband. She turned at the sound of his light snoring. He was sprawled out on his bed with the sheets intertwined between his legs. His chest bare.

She should have been happy to be back with the one true love of her life. But as she watched him shift and adjust as he raged war in his sleep, all she could feel was lost. She still felt guilty. She still felt betrayed. But it was no longer coming from the things she thought he’d done to her.

She returned to staring into the depth of Lykos. Her kingdom. The kingdom she’d once fled. Naomini swore to herself, as she trudged barefoot in the raining night, through the thick woods that separated Lykos from their enemy country, Tryvos. She sword she’d never return to Lykos. With every step that pushed thorns and small branched into her bare feet, she cursed the Lykos kingdom, cursed the very blood that poured through her veins. Most of all, she’d cursed Seaden.

The bastard made her love him, made her pregnant, then tried to kill her. Had her family murdered. If it took the last breath in her, she’d vowed to see the end of his days.

But that was before she knew the truth. That his accursed parents had had hers killed once they’d learned she was pregnant with their heir.

Seaden hadn’t betrayed her. He’d spent his life loving her. And when she’d had the weakest moment of her life and killed his old aging witch of a mother, Seaden had protected Naomini.

So, why was she so sad?

Maybe it was for marrying a man she wasn’t as devoted to as she was to her king. And baring his children. Or maybe it was because after living with Seaden for months now, she still hadn’t been as honest with him as he was with her.

Naomini still hadn’t revealed to him that she did in fact give him as heir. That that heir was the Tryvossin general, Heidinto. And that he hated the Lykossins and their royalty for the loss of his own wife and child.

But really, when would be a good time to tell Seaden that?


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