We Are Back

After a couple of weeks of no meetings (which is a month of no meeting) we are back!!! We celebrate this return to the swing of things with the best meeting we’ve had thus far. It was so intense we sat for two hours and didn’t even notice.

Andria is really excited about a project she’s working on. A sort of autobiography of the last couple years of her life. She read a few of the passages she’s been working on. I have to say it sounds really good. But, then again, I’ve always been a big fan of her style of writing. It’s very warm and humorous.

Myself, I’m working on a story that’s needed to come out for years now. I’m very excited about it. The details are still a bit sketchy. But, they’re supposed to be in the beginning of the story. Although, I think I’ve been planning it out long enough that I could probably just sit and write it. Assuming, of course, I ever get real time to do that.

We did do one exercise. We set the clock for 5-minutes with the understanding that we may very well go over. We both wrote parts of the projects we’re working on. They came out really awesome. I wrote the prologue to my long-awaiting story. I’m glad with the way it came out. Naturally, Andria’s was really good.

We discussed writing ideas, techniques, and styles. In the end I told her the same thing I tell all writers. Just start writing it. However it comes out is how it needs to come out and any attempt to alter it will just make the work take longer and be far more trying than is neccessary.

As always, feel free to take a peak at my work here


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