SDWC Writing Exercise for 06/16/09

Create a crowd Scene (Monday Night Writer’s Group)

Everyone was gathered around the microphone. We’d formed a semi-circle with people sitting or standing everywhere. On the floor, at the round tables, leaning against the walls, creating a thick endless field of wallflowers. The fire marshal would have a heart attack if he saw this.
I was sitting on the floor in the center. Legs crossed resting on the heels of my hands. I idolized Reid. So, it only made sense that I should be in a position to see him the best, to look up at him. I wanted him to look down at me and see the awe in my face at every word he spoke.
He was a poet to rival Keats. But, not everyone would understand his lyrical rhythm or his words. I would. They were always about us.

319: You have become a local hero. For what?

You were the talk of the town. Did it matter that the town was only 3,000 people and most were related to you> of course not! You were the hero. Everyone loved you.
And all because you risked your life, your breath, to save poor Roxy from drowning in the local fishing lake.
You happened to be at the right place at the right time, that’s what you tell people. But, they all know the truth. Had it been any once else, Roxy would be dead.
You were riding your bike around the park when you heard the horrified, torturous screams and cries of little girls. you ran to see what the trouble was. You saw a mother standing at the tip of the hill with her daughter and her car was falling backwards into the lake
“Save Roxy. Please,” the girls cried.
You ran down the hill, jumped in the car without a second through and pulled out Roxy. The family cat.

1: “This never would have happened…”

“Alright! See? See?” Toni was irate as she yelled at Sylvi. We’d gotten pulled over. No one had a license or insurance, or hell even a passport. Considering we weren’t supposed to be in this country, well, we were about to be in some deep shit.
“This never would have happened if you would have listened to me and slowed the fuck down. Now we’re pulled over. What are we going to do if he wants to arrest us or asks too many questions. You’d better be prepared to offer yourself as a sexual sacrifice, lady. Den and I are not taking the fall for you.”
I smiled at Toni’s suggestion that Sylvi be a sexual sacrifice. Hell, had they offered that to me, I’d have driven them from Canada, through the States, and into fucking Mexico non-stop.
No, unfortunately, with our histories, and present, and the amount of weapons we had in the trunk, when Mr. Poliza knocked on the window and asked for id that we didn’t have, things were gonna get nasty.


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